What is EPON OLT and EPON ONU?

EPON: Ethernet Passive Optical Network

Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON), defined by IEEE 802.3ah, is a point to multipoint (Pt-MPt) network topology implemented with passive optical splitters, along with optical fiber PMDs that support this topology.

EPON is based upon a mechanism named MPCP (Multi-Point Control Protocol), which uses messages, state machines, and timers, to control access to a P2MP topology.

 An EPON network consists of an Optical Line Terminal (OLT) at the service provider’s central office and a number of Optical Network Units (ONUs) near end users.

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EPON OLT: Ethernet Passive Optical Network Optical Line Terminal

 EPON OLT also called an optical line terminal, is a device that serves as the service provider endpoint of a passive optical network. It provides two main functions:

1. To perform a conversion between the electrical signals used by the service provider’s equipment and the fiber optic passive component signals used by the passive optical network.

2. To coordinate the multiplexing between the conversion devices on the other end of that network (called either optical network terminals or optical network units). The diagram above depicts an EPON OLT within a fiber-optic network application. 

EPON ONU: Ethernet Passive Optical Network Optical Network Unit

EPON ONU, an optical network unit is a device that transforms incoming fiber optic passive component optical signals into electronics/terminals at a customer’s premises in order to provide telecommunications services over an optical fiber network. 

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