Why ONT can not exchange ourselves freely?

FTTH now is the most popular broadband service.

In users house, there will have a terminal device named ONT.

It is a device should connect with OLT, which is inside your ISPs generator room.

ONT have 100m/1000m, also one RJ45 up to 4 RJ45, with wifi or without wifi, with voice port or without.

So there are many customer who change their ONT to the type they like. But during this step, there will have many accidents, why this happen?

That is because of the OLT authentication.

Usually OLT have

1, Serial Number, Password, Serial Number with Password.

2, Loid, Loid Password, Loid with Password.

3, Mac address.

4, Chip (Huawei, ZTE).


Except these kinds of hardware limit, the ISP may also add other software limit.

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