Congratulations on our QLT's sales award the HSGQ Certificate

Queens Link Technology is one of the leading FTTH equipment suppliers in the Philippines. we came from humble beginnings. Started venturing on CCTV Sales and Installation and Computer peripherals. Now QLT is focusing on the distribution of OLT and ONU, SFP modules, media converter, wireless antennas, routers, and other ICT Products. We also offer a network solution for ISPs.

HSGQ and QLT became strategy partners, We are committed to serving more enterprises and customers. Ensure the best quality at the most reasonable price. All the QLT's sales will take up a job as sales engineers after training by HSGQ technical department. 

Any inquiries, Do not hesitate to contact us.

Sales Team:        

      Tel (O): +63 53 839 5446 / +63 908 874 1606

      Email: /

     Technical Support:

     Tel:+63 908 874 1603


If you are interested in our products, please leave contact information so that we can contact you.

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