Harvest in March

Every March is destined to be an extraordinary and rewarding March. March 2022 will be even more extraordinary for HSGQ.

We participated in the circle battle of Alibaba in Longgang District, struggled for 31 days and nights, and finally stood out among a group of elite enterprises. Yes, we are a successful SKA merchant on Alibaba. Our total foreign trade performance has exceeded 50 million in a single month. We have cultivated tens of millions of sales ares and millions of sales ares.


Why does HSGQ stand out from the crowd? Why can HSGQ greatly exceed its sales target? Why does HSGQ have so many sales champions?

Because HSGQ has strong independent research and development capabilities and united productivity, the most important thing is that the quality and after-sales service of our products OLT, ONU, SFP MODULES make customers very satisfied. I think this is the brand effect.

The more cooperation with HSGQ, The more benefits you can get! To win the network's future!

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