Unity and responsible employees are the valuable wealth of any enterprise's success

March has passed in a blink of eyes, . If "you ask me the one thing that touched me the most?" please listen to me:

In mid-March, with the fermenting of the Hong Kong epidemic, Shenzhen's epidemic prevention management also broke. That Sunday, all businesses and staff in Shenzhen were suddenly ordered by the government to lock down the city, and all staff must be quarantined at home. This sudden news caught everyone in the city by surprise, and even panicked. Especially our boss - Mr. Wu.

As many people have said, a lot of what happens is both a challenge and an opportunity. HSGQ&ODI Ruijie provided us with the opportunity to order modules when the epidemic was at its worst, but we had to expedite the exchange or within 7 days. The current situation is that the government is controlling the epidemic and empties all factory workers. Our boss is very worried and doesn't know what to do. With such a severe epidemic, it is impossible to find employees who volunteer to come to work.

Just when our boss was at a loss, more than a dozen of our employees have volunteered to come to the production line, prepared beds and food, prepared to block the factory, and worked overtime to help the boss to tide over the difficulties. The boss was very moved, and he personally went to the factory to accompany the employees to work overtime. Abruptly, the seven-day workload was completed in one and a half days, and the quality was excellently guaranteed. It was recognized by Ruijie and received 8 million official orders!

Therefore, as a grateful leader, our boss, Mr. Wu, immediately went to the factory on the first day of the unblocking of Shenzhen to give spiritual and material praise to the colleagues who volunteered during the challenges faced by these companies.IMG_2637.JPG


So what is the important wealth for a company to grow rapidly? That is the spirit of enterprise. The employees who are united and responsible support the company at critical moments, and the boss also sees the efforts of the employees. Employees and enterprises achieve each other and grow each other. This kind of staff and entrepreneurial spirit kept me very warm throughout March. At the same time, I am very proud to work for such a company!



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